Peach Mango Salsa canning recipe

peach mango salsa

I love to can. It’s a cheap way to build a stock of food and not waste anything that you have in the garden, fridge, or pantry. Many people also love canned items as gifts for holidays too. One of my very favorite things to can that I could eat year round is salsa. I […]

4 Easy pet DIYs that will save you money

pet DIY

Pets can be just as expensive as having a child. For many of us, our pet is a part of our family and we consider them our children. So it’s more than reasonable to assume that we treat them as such and spend a great deal of money on them to keep them happy, healthy, […]

#AZblogchallenge Natural weed killer


I have pretty much made an epic fail of this challenge this year. I have been tossing around the idea of redoing it next month just because I want to say that I gave it a really good go. I have so much going on this April with the baby, my kiddo being sick, autism […]

#AZblogchallenge Ice Cream Play-dough

(C) Wildflower Ramblings

I have seen all kinds of recipes and fun sensory activities on Pinterest and in my preschool playschool groups for play-dough recipes. I am always looking for fun sensory activities for my sensory seeking autistic kiddo and play-dough is always a fun one. When I first started seeing these recipes for ice cream play-dough, I […]

#AZblogchallenge 10 uses for Honey

honeycomb via flickr cc

Wow, I have missed most of this challenge due to all kinds of unforeseen obstacles this past week. I knew this challenge was going to be difficult with everything I have going on this month, a new baby due, a new puppy, I still have a 4-year old (I haven’t decided to sell him… yet. […]

Bird’s nest Rice Krispy cookies- #AZChallenge

crispy birds nests

Big “B,” little “b,” what begins with “B?” Today’s post for the A-Z blog challenge is bird’s nest Rice Krispy cookies just in time for Easter. I’ve seen these made with Chinese chow mein noodles before but rice cereal seems like such a better idea, and often are easier to get a hold of. Place […]

How to get the best Amazon savings- #AZChallenge

amazon box

It’s the first day of the challenge, and that means “A” savings, like Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world. There are several legitimate ways that you can save money using Amazon, which many people don’t really consider when making their purchases. If you’re one that likes to watch TV, read a lot of […]