Easy Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds pie

March is the month of Irish recipes, and it doesn’t get much more Irish than a shepherd’s pie. The original version of shepherd’s pie is not very easy to make, and it has a lot of ingredients. This is the Americanized version that is not only easy, but delicious. It’s a great meal to have […]

Organic apple pumpkin doggy biscuits

Hail and Walter

We’re getting a German Shepherd puppy for my son in a couple more weeks, and I just recently learned that the breed does best on a grain free, preferably raw, diet. Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate the smell of those Milkbone brand doggy biscuits. They are also filled with grains and […]

5 Cost saving tips when shopping Costco


Many people love Costco or Sam’s Club to purchase bulk items that they use frequently. If you know that you’re going to buy, and buy, and buy it again, then it really is a better deal to buy it in bulk than one at a time so that you can get the best deals. Here […]

Sloppy Joe Mac n’ Cheese

kid favorites

There are some things that you make for dinner, not because they sound good, but because you know that your kids will eat them. Some kids, not mine, but some, like the appeal of things slopped together and what could be more sloppy and messy looking than sloppy joes, and mac n’ cheese. This recipe […]

Easy DIY chopsticks hair picks for Chopsticks Day

disposabile chopsticks

Today is National Chopsticks Day and often times, when we order Chinese food, we’re given too many sets of these disposable chopsticks that we have no idea what to do with after we’ve eaten dinner. They begin to pile up, and soon, you have a whole drawer full of chopsticks that you didn’t even remember […]

Valentine’s Day coloring printables

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday. It’s traditionally a day for lovers, but kids sometimes like to enjoy it, too. Since weather everywhere is less than desirable, and the likelihood of many being snowed in is really high, you’re going to need something to keep the kids entertained. These Valentine’s Day coloring printables […]

Invites VS. E-vites: Are we getting too cheap?

invites vs evites

When it comes to your life’s events, inviting people to come to them is pretty important. There is a lot of planning, and money that goes into planning an event, and often times, people want to cut costs anywhere that they can to save or reallocate money elsewhere. Often times, invites are the first thing […]