Cereal Box Storage In-box; An easy DIY project

cereal box storage

I don’t know about you, but my desk is a horrible mess. It’s covered in bills, mail that needs to go out, mail coming in that I need to take care of, and papers the kiddo brings home from school. It’s just a lot of papers and it creates a mess that I eventually have […]

Free St. Patrick’s Day coloring printables

angry bird st. patricks day

The weather has been crazy, definitely in like a lion in most parts of the country. With the unseasonably warm or really cold weather, it makes it hard to determine whether kids will be in school, headed outside to play, needing indoor activities to keep them busy. These fun St. Patrick’s Day coloring printables are […]

Lucky Charm Crispies for St. Patrick’s Day

lucky charm crispies

If you’re looking for a fun after-school snack to give the kids this St. Patrick’s Day, then I have just the answer for you. Not only is this recipe awesome because you can essentially use the bottom of the bag of cereal that always seems to just get tossed in the garbage, but it’s colorful […]

Free St. Patrick’s Day Crochet Patterns

free st. patrick's Day crochet

For those that are crafty and like to keep their hands and minds busy, making holiday themed stuff is not only fun, but can be a big seller in Etsy shops, or for those that have a relationship to the holiday. For instance, those that are Irish, Scottish, or even have a drop of Celtic […]

Free St. Patrick’s Day fonts

St. Patrick's Day fonts

I know that St. Patrick’s Day isn’t really one of those holidays that kids have parties in school, and there is a big to-do about it, but sometimes it’s still fun to jazz up the lunchbox notes, or perhaps you just want to share your Irish roots. Whatever the case, there are many fun, and […]

15 household hacks we can all use

a house

Keeping up a house is hard work! Even as a stay at home mom, the task can sometimes be daunting, or maybe even more so because of my stay at home status. When it comes to keeping the house look decent and put together, here’s some household hacks that we can all use, and should. […]

Easy Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds pie

March is the month of Irish recipes, and it doesn’t get much more Irish than a shepherd’s pie. The original version of shepherd’s pie is not very easy to make, and it has a lot of ingredients. This is the Americanized version that is not only easy, but delicious. It’s a great meal to have […]