5 Money Saving Cleaning Tips

Yes. this is my son's room...

Nobody likes to clean. It’s boring, it’s not fun, and it can be back breaking at times, depending on how long the mess has gotten away from you, how much help you have, or whose there to help destroy things. Cleaning can also be really expensive if you are renting out dumpsters, buying fancy cleaning […]

Kid-friendly trail mix

kid's trail mix

As a parent, I already know that getting my kid to eat anything that I approve of is difficult. Most of the time, my son likes to eat crap, because he’s four. He wants chips, ice cream, and candy and hardly ever wants fruits or veggies that will actually give him some nutrients throughout the […]

Organic Product Coupons- Week 1/22- 1/29

Living a healthful, organic life doesn’t have to be expensive. While all organic products don’t have coupons or offer discounts like most other types of products. Now,  I can offer this awesome roundup to you so that you can get your organic on, for a reasonable price. As the same with last week, there is […]

5 ways to start saving for next Christmas

Christmas tree

I know, I know, you probably don’t even want to think about Christmas as you’re getting ready to pay off the credit cards, and restore your financials so that you can do it all again at the end of the year. While it’s not something a lot of us want to think about right now, […]

50 Book challenge: book 2 A Game of Thrones


As promised, I said I would update ya’ll on my progress of my 50 book challenge. I think, technically, this book only half qualifies. I started reading it last year, when I bought it, but the book is 835 pages and it took me a few months to finish it. I’m not the particularly fastest […]

Make your own acrylic painted mugs

acrylic paint mug

There are so many cute mugs out there, the only problem is that they cost an arm and a leg just for a cute design. Luckily, you can make your own acrylic painted mugs really cheaply and easily at home with just a few basic items that you can pick up at the dollar store. […]

Easy Sweet Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

Everyone loves an easy recipe. Sweet potato fries are easy and they are a great side for burgers, chicken, or most any meal that you want to include a dish that your kids are likely to eat. Sweet potato fries are great because they have a high nutritional value, and are easy to make. This […]